Testimony: Karel from Antwerp

Karel from Antwerp (fictitious name for the sake of privacy) tells about his experience with MyTrustO. 'Our family never knew financial problems. After my resignation, it was difficult to find another job because I already passed 50 years of age. So I decided to sell medical materials as a secondary activity because I had experience with it.

At first I realized a good turnover, and this went on until my ex-employer accused me of distortion of competition. This accusation caused the end of my business. On top of that one of my customers accumulated payment arrears. From then on it went quickly downhill. I could no longer pay my suppliers, debts rapidly rose high and then came the bailiffs. My situation was so bad that they threatened to sell my belongings despite all my setbacks and hard work.

Just in time I learned about the existence of MytrustO and immediately, I contacted them. Within a weeks’ time things were cleared out and seizures of my goods came to an end. Now I pay each month a certain sum in proportion to our income. I am very grateful for this service. Tranquility returned to our family. Continuously having to worry about what tommorow might bring, eats at your relationship.'