Pay your debt step by step without additional summons or judgment.
MyTrustO helps you rebuild your future.


Difficulty to pay your bills in due time? You receive reminders of a debt collection agency or a bailiff?
You are summoned or there is seizure of your furniture or salary? Your debts increase due to additional court costs and yet you are not able to make progress?
The MyTrustO service gladly helps you!
03 220 12 00
Explain your situation
You are invited at MyTrustO
The bailiff elaborates a financial document
A repayment plan is drafted for the creditors
Repayment begins

How does MyTrustO work?


You want to tackle your debts to and you think it’s feasible with a realistic repayment plan? Please call us on the telephone number 03 220 12 00. Do this on a working days between 9 and 17 hours. If you hear a busy tone, all of our lines are occupied. Hang up and try calling back later.

You explain your situation and you answer some questions.
Make sure to bring pen and paper.
You get an appointment at the office of your choice.
At your appointment, be sure to be in possession of your identity card (with activated pin code) and the documents you were asked to present.
Voluntarily and in all discretion you choose to draft, with the help of a bailiff, a financial 'MyTrustO' document which summarizes your situation.

This 'MyTrustO' document is an overview of who you are, what you possess, what you earn and what your liabilities are. This objective and accepted legal document indicates the amount you’re actually able to repay each month.

To obtain this financial ‘MyTrustO 'document you pay to the bailiff a onetime elaboration and case cost of EUR 150 (VAT included).

Drafting the repayment plan addressed to your creditors

After signing the 'MyTrustO' document, you can ask the bailiff to use his official authority and expertise to draft a repayment plan that takes all your creditors into account.
Your creditors know that the document 'MyTrustO' is legally accepted and reliable because the repayment agreements are drafted under supervision of a bailiff who qualifies as an independent party. This will make it easier to reach an agreement with your creditors. Their actual debt can now be repaid in a realistic pace.
Your creditors no longer have a reason to generate additional costs due to collection efforts, subpoena or persecution. This allows you to significantly reduce legal and other costs (seizure of salary, furniture, car, ...).
Depending on the number of debt files the bailiff charges a limited cost to cover the follow-up of your file. The cost is determined and agreed upon before drafting your repayment plan.

Who can subscribe to MyTrustO

Anybody living in Belgium, who recognizes his debts and is able to repay in the long term, when sustained by a repayment plan at a realistic pace, can subscribe. The first contact results in an outline of your situation based upon your answers to some questions. If MyTrustO can help, an appointment is made in one of the offices of Then, in all discretion, a complete and comprehensive financial document is drafted, together with a concrete repayment plan for all creditors.

If it appears that a person cannot be helped by MyTrustO, we will redirect to other institutions.