Ethically Responsible Recovery (EVI)
Collect your debts in an ethical way, without additional costs and with more guarantee on full repayment.

More and more companies and organizations are struggling against unpaid invoices. Finally, through the classical debt collection path they hope to recover their money. Of course everyone wants to receive payment of invoices. But often, companies are not concerned by the modalities used to obtain this recovery. MyTrustOevi demonstrates that ethical recovery is feasible!

People take matters in their own hands, they can and want to pay but more spread in time. This unfolds under the supervision of a bailiff, who drafts a repayment plan. The solution to a dispute at first will be sought through negotiation, eventually through mediation and finally through legal action. This approach offers a better guarantee to the creditor that debts will be repaid.


Companies and organizations who sustain ethically responsible recovery, contribute actively to a 'socially responsible entrepreneurship' and distinguish themselves with the future oriented EVI-quality mark.

They can commit themselves in two ways:

  • by accepting a repayment plan through MyTrustOevi when the debtor presents that choice.
  • by initiating recovery of amounts due through the MyTrustOevi-concept

By doing so, your company or organization makes a statement about socially responsible entrepreneurship in all its facets. As a creditor, you choose for your customers, a reliable and socially responsible system for debts recovery. You also have a greater degree of certainty that your invoices will be paid.

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